Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


1. I am That

2. Consciousness is the playground where the higher and lower conscious are at play

3. Your choice aligns you to the higher or the lower conscious

4. Intent + Effort + Grace = Success

5. When you are focussed all things fall into place

6. Prayer is like an itch you send up the body of God

7. The best form of prayer is gratitude

8. Yad bhavam, tad bhavati – as you feel so shall it be

9. Prosperity and poverty begin with thought

10. All resistance to truth is due to failure of intelligence

11. Life is what you make of it – a school, a battlefield or a playground

12. A happy person creates a happy world while an unhappy person creates an unhappy world

13. Life is primarily governed by two needs – the need to love and the need to be loved

14. Life is relationships

15. The destructive tendencies of the lower conscious are silenced through the blessings of your parents

16. Judgement and evaluative processes cause suffering in relationships

17. Your children inherit not only what you earn but also what you are

18. Trying to pin point blame is like peeling an onion; you land up nowhere

19. Love thyself to love thy neighbour

20. Genuine affection is to be affected

21. A family that plays together, prays together and dines together, stays together

22. You reap what you sow and many times over

23. Fear is only in the anticipation, never in the actual

24. A breakdown state creates a breakdown reality while a breakthrough state creates a breakthrough reality

25. Do not let the situation determine your state; let your state determine the situation

26. A life without vision is like a journey without destination

27. You Co-create your destiny with God

Saturday, January 28, 2012

IN A NUTSHELL: CWG Book Series by Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch
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Regarding the Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh - I want to mention here some of the highlights that really impressed me from these three books.

There is no right or wrong as far as God is concerned.
The difference in good and evil exists only to show us what to choose for ourselves and also since we need a point of comparison. If evil does not exist we will never know the value of good.
Whatever happens in our life is something we have unconsciously or consciously chosen to happen.
There is nothing called sin. We are all playing roles in a worldwide drama. The script is written by us, the actors ourselves and the audience is God. He laughs with us, cries with us and feels each and every emotion that we do, just as we feel the emotions played by the various actors in a play or a film. And same as we feel detached when we leave the theatre, he feels detached once a particular show is over.
Death is not the end of existence. The soul lives on. In fact, the soul lives forever. There is no hell. The soul gets back to God the moment a body dies, just like a homing pigeon. That’s all there is to it. There is nowhere else to go.
God has only the ability to imagine and create. He cannot experience anything. That is why he has created human beings, in his image and enjoys the experience through them.
God loves us whatever we do; however we do it. But one thing He is clear about is, avoid hurting someone else.
We are made up of three parts – the body or the conscious, the mind or the subconscious and the soul or the super conscious. They all have different functions to perform.
The body is made to exist over a very long period of time. Hundreds of years, in fact. Drinking, smoking, etc. spoil the body. Otherwise they are not sins.
Eating flesh of animals - God says that He would not call it wrong. First of all, we do not have the power to kill animals. Only God has. If one particular chicken or pig or cow is killed and eaten, it is possible only because the soul in it has agreed to give its body away as food to someone.
Using silk or leather - Well, He says it is not wrong. Only the soul that feels the extreme need to reach God does not like the idea of unnecessary killing.
Suicide and abortion - He says that He does not consider suicide wrong since there is no wrong in the Kingdom of God. Abortion is not possible without the consent of that particular soul in the womb. It can be done only if the soul has come into that body on that particular agreement.
The mind exists in every single cell in the body. The average man uses barely 10% of his mind. Our modern education and our religions have made us so rigid and unbelieving that we cannot believe in the power of the mind.
The soul does not exist in the body. It only holds the body together. For those who have heard about the aura, well, that symbolizes the soul. The soul is basically a lover of freedom. It likes to be free and move wherever it pleases. It feels restricted in the body. That is why sleep has been created. During sleep, the soul takes off.
As we align the body, mind and soul and coordinate their operations, the need for sleep becomes less as the soul feels the freedom within the body itself.
The Devil does not exist. Religious bodies, to scare people into visiting churches or temples and take advice from the religious elders, created him.  This made them feel powerful.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Guha and Lord Rama
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OLD DIARIES: Continued……………….

Another instance when I got a wonderful reply:

One day I was walking near the fish market that is very close to my flat. A sudden thought came into my mind.  Just a few months before this event, I had given up buying silk saris and leather handbags and even stopped eating cakes that have egg in them since I had reached the conclusion that killing for our pleasure is totally wrong. I thought, if my belief was right, how come Baghavan Ram had eaten fish that was offered by Guhan? I forgot this after a while [that is, once I left the stench of the fish market]. But God obviously had not forgotten my question. That very evening, my husband bought me a red rose and a black forest cake and went down on his knees and told me what a wonderful wife I was, etc. partly seriously and partly in joke. I thanked him and asked him if the cake contained egg. He looked bewildered and told me that it had not struck him to check. He only wanted to buy a black forest cake since he knew how much I liked it and had not thought of anything else. There was my reply. ‘What is given with love is to be accepted for what it is, without questions or conditions’.

And that’s what Lord Ram had done.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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OLD DIARIES: Continued…………..

There were times when I was hurt and could not say anything to my husband, I used to tell God off. I felt that since He was my EVERYTHING, He had better have an answer to my problems. One day I told him, “If it were in my earthly father’s power to change the circumstances of my life, he would have done it in a jiffy. But you who are dumb [I meant that literally], and having all the powers in the world and whom I consider my father are not doing anything about it. I hate you.” This message of hatred from me was as strong as my messages of love for HIM. No half measures for me. When I say, “I love you, God’ I say it with all the love I have in me and I said the hate message in the same way.

One not so fine day, I was feeling quite depressed in the morning [24.1.03].  I went up to my sami alamari (the shelf where the Gods’ pictures are kept) and told Him very clearly, ‘I am feeling low. Now please don’t you send one of your damn books to me for clarification. I don’t want them. I am in fact very sick of them. Send me your message in some other way, a way in which I can accept it.”

Pat came the reply in the form of Anu right in the evening, just a few hours after my request. “Thattungal, thirakkappadum” (The door opens when you knock) is a fact. Please believe it. Faith can move mountains. Anu had not contacted me for the past 3½ years, mind you. She called me that very evening and promised to visit me the very next day.

Anu arrived quite early at 7.45 in the morning and we talked till 12.45 in the night, or should I say the next morning. I did not even bother to have a bath. I just cooked twice and we kept talking non-stop. My Messiah had come.

I discussed my problems with her and asked her for advice on how to rectify them, etc. She gave me a lot of advice and gave some to my husband too. She asked to pray to God for dissolution.

Let me explain a couple of things here. We were taught in our classes that we can pray to God for whatever and He will give us either a solution or dissolution as we request to Him. A solution is actually getting what you asked for, and dissolution is something that takes away the pain in your need and you not missing what you did not get. Now, those of you who know me would very well understand that I was never the one for the latter. I always asked for solutions. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I did not.

Now getting back to Anu’s visit - as I mentioned earlier, she came as a messenger in reply to my prayers. I had mentioned to her about how I keep getting answers to my questions. She advised me very strongly to hold on to this thread of connection and continue my quest. This was on the 24th of January, 2003. On 25th evening, my Conversations With God began. Yeah, very simply, with no fanfare, no racket - He walked into my heart quietly in the form of my ANTARYAAMIN and has taken over my life. I can’t begin to tell you how I feel.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


OLD DIARIES…… continued….

Recently, I read a trilogy, ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsh.  These also came to me in answer to my prayers. I always relate to God as a presence in front of me and I call him my father, grandfather or friend or brother or whatever I feel like. I sometimes felt I got his advice in the form of thought waves. This was explained in these three books, much to my astonishment.

My experience with these books was incredible. The author seemed to ask every single question I had been asking God and more and pat came the answers from God himself. Yeah, I could believe it. I felt I had reached a rosy world where everything was beautiful, there was no right or wrong, and whatever you do, you finally reach God. For many years now, I have been against the concept of a punishing God, and the concept of hell. It was all there, in black and white. I was thrilled.

In the meanwhile, my study of the self continued. For the past one and a half years, I have been religiously training myself not to pass judgements. I don’t like to say it was difficult but it was. Every moment of our staying awake, we pass judgements. It is never, ‘I don’t like something,’ but that, ‘something is ugly.’

I hope you see the difference. There are different things in the world. You have total right to choose what you want and also to choose what you don’t want. You are welcome to say that you don’t like something. It’s absolutely normal. You are not required to like everything because it is created by God and is co-existing with you. But the difference lies in just letting go of it because you don’t like it and not passing stringent comments on it. Why not? The answer again is quite logical. When you keep expecting people to live up to certain expectations of yours [by what right, I don’t know], the chances are you are bound to be disappointed.  Because that other person is a different entity with a mind of his/her own. He need not agree with you. You do the expecting and blame him for disappointing you. This happens especially when parents try to live their dreams through their children.

The next thing that happens is, we keep the same yardstick for ourselves and when we are unable to meet the standard, we are bogged down with guilt, fear and a lack of self-esteem. Then what happens to your self-value? It is either zero or in the minus.

This is what I realized when I went for my second yagna sometime in September last. I realized that I had no love for myself at all. I constantly felt guilty about something or other and always fell short of my own expectations. My habit of passing judgement on others had become a problem for myself. I was doing the same to myself. Now that I was on the quest for becoming non-judgmental, I realized my lack of love for myself. Believe me when I say I was shocked. I thought, how was it possible, I have such a high opinion about myself. The reply was that while that may be so, still loving myself was something different. I had a high opinion, which had a number of conditions coming along with it. Loving unconditionally was a totally different story.

But the classes helped and I was on the next step of my Quest.

The result was that I was at constant war with my husband. Please don’t laugh or be shocked. He is a typical Indian male. Quite pampered, used to being waited on hand and foot and not showing any kind of appreciation. Recently, he also had been facing a lot of tensions and hence, he had taken to telling me off every time he was irritated. I was something in the lines of a scapegoat. This used to happen very often. I used to never object [even though I felt extremely hurt] since I thought that he had to get his suffering out in some way.

Now after the classes, I really understood the muhawara, ‘do thaali baja tho hi awaaz nikalthi hai’ (Sound is heard only when both the hands clap). Up till now, he had been doing the shouting and I, just the listening. Now this new love for myself would just not allow anyone to abuse me. I rose like a tigress defending myself, much to the shock of my husband. He did not know what had come over me. He asked me whether this was what they had taught at the yagna. I watched myself dispassionately as usual and wondered at the change. But I was very clear that he should not abuse me. He stopped saying much after that but his thoughts were obvious and they still had the power to hurt me. My first instinct was to blame him but deep down I was very clear about one thing. If I was suffering, then in some way I was to take responsibility for it and not shift the blame on to him. Like for eg. If I thought he was wrong, I can just declare that he is wrong and I should be able to let go of it. But I was not able to do that. I was very upset about the whole thing. So the Quest continued.

Monday, January 23, 2012


The eyes I saw in my vision

OLD DIARIES: Continued……

Only during my conversation I told Bhagavan very clearly that He should not come in front of me since I was bound to be scared. The visions themselves were quite fascinating. God led my astral body into the Sun and I felt the coolness there. There were many more until I was finally convinced that they were visions and not figments of my imagination.

Later, I had a vision of Tirupathi Balaji dancing on the seashore. He was totally dark with pink soles on his feet and danced among the gentle waves.

I came home after this yagna of three days and was lying down since I was too tired and had had very less sleep. Suddenly I saw two very mischievous eyes behind a wall, golden brown in colour. They were staring at me. I could see just the forehead and eyes and an orange turban. I was communicating not with words but by thought waves. I asked the eyes, “Why are you hiding behind the wall?”

He replied, “You were very clear that I should not come in your presence, that you would get scared.”
I said, “That’s okay, do come.”

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He came forward and I invited him to sit on a chair beside me. I had seen Kalki Baghavan’s Srimurti during the classes. I had felt one very strong feeling. That he was standing throughout and his legs should be hurting. [At Kalki Mandir they teach you to relate to God as an alive being and not someone remote].

I automatically presumed that the figure in front of me was Kalki Baghavan. The eyes were the very same although the attire was slightly different.

So I made him sit down and pressed his legs with great love since that had been my predominant thought during the classes.

He asked me what I wanted. I requested him to bless my father who is the pivot my family runs on. He raised his right palm in the posture of blessing. A shining golden light rose from it and rode all the way to the hall where my father was sitting and reciting a shloka in front of the puja alamari. I heard my father reciting the shloka very loudly. The strange thing about this is that I have never heard my father praying, only my thatha, patti and sometimes my mother. The golden light covered my father who was sitting on the floor.

I woke up with a start and suddenly heard my father uttering a shloka loudly. I ran into the hall and lo and behold! He was sitting in exactly the same posture he had been in my vision. I was not even awfully surprised. I just thanked God since he had blessed my father with a golden light, no less.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Suki Sivam - Pic courtesy:

OLD DIARY... continued

Now coming back to my experiences – I realized a quality of mine. I kept learning things from people and felt myself outgrowing them very fast. My grandparents, my parents, my aunts, my uncles, my servants, my husband, my in-laws, my children, my friends, my colleagues, my sisters, my brothers-in-law, my nephews and nieces, the list is endless.

Then I kept feeling that everything happening in my life, every event, even very small things were different lessons for me to learn from. I kept thinking that I kept getting MESSAGES.

Whenever I grew desperate I used to pray to God and I used to always get guidance, usually in the form of a book, which a friend of mine used to suddenly give me – out of the blue – or in some kind of a writing in the newspaper or in some lecture I attended of Suki Sivam or Acharya Akshayamathiji of Kalki Mandir.

One thing I was clear about, always listen to the other with an open mind, without judgement and just take what suits you and leave the rest. This attitude has been a great help. Sometimes people comment, a man espousing spirituality should not be married, some say he should not ask for money, etc. etc. Is that what we are seeking from him? This is just a waste of energy trying to speculate on how the other person’s mind works. We have to look within and keep choosing what we want to be.

My childhood friend Anu introduced me to the Kalki Dharma. I could relate to it because of the freedom in thinking. Whenever some of the gurus placed any restrictions, I used to turn a deaf ear and take only what suited me. Once, when I spoke to Acharyaji, [she’s extremely young but a very knowledgeable soul] I mentioned that I didn’t enjoy all the lectures since they placed some kind of restrictions and some of them insisted that I do some things which I felt would take me away from my family. I was not in agreement to this idea. She very sweetly advised me to do what I thought best and she had but one request of me that I should pray regularly. And here, she did not mean formal prayer; this is about conversing with God.

Now, for those who don’t know, KALKI DHARMA is an extension of our Hindu Dharma. Kalki is Mahavishnu’s tenth avatar and appears on this earth every 24000 years. The purpose of His birth is to take us out of Kaliyugam and place us in the Sathyugam. This again has created a lot of controversy amongst the people.

The people prefer the place of God to be in the scriptures. The very idea that He must be amongst us has probably put the fear of God in them [excuse the pun].  But that’s the funniest part of it. God and Fear are the very opposite of each other.

I attended a vara yagna with Anu about five years back. This is not a yagna as in havan. These are basically classes training you to think or rather unthink what you have been thinking all these years. Suited me just fine; just what I had been looking for. To my great surprise, I got a number of visions during these classes [I had believed that God was someone who lived UP there].


Saturday, January 14, 2012


Happy Moments

OLD DIARIES... continued

Here I would like to mention something that I think is very important. The main problems we face in life today are the result of all the guilt, fear and judgement we have over others and ourselves. We have a mind; we have to think about what? How can someone do this or that? Hate ourselves for what we are doing or have done? Is this what God wanted? NO NO NO! He wants us to love ourselves.

Okay, now comes the question, “Sundari, how do YOU know?”

The answer is very simple. I know because I never stopped questioning throughout the 41 years of my life and my quest has given me some wonderful answers and I have no words to thank God for this.

I also have to mention here that I have considered everyone in my life a teacher and have learnt something from that person, be it my father-in-law or my mother-in-law and my sisters-in-law.

You may wonder how. The answer is simple, as we grow we come across so many qualities in the various people we meet, and as we keep judging and grading these, we keep choosing what qualities are suited for us and what we choose not to have.

I always believed in informal prayers

I learned a lot of shlokas after I met my mother-in-law. She used to keep saying that the different prayers to different Gods had different values. I could relate to this. I have heard my grandparents praying loudly and knew a lot of shlokas by heart, although I was not even aware of this. Later, I started learning them on listening to my MIL’s advice. She was my teacher in this respect.

It was my Revathi Chitti who taught me not to feel guilt. My father was and is still a person who considers his duty above everything else. He is so dutiful that I feel he has totally forgotten how to enjoy life. He feels he has to do his duty very correctly and feels tense and guilty for the smallest things. Most of us daughters have acquired this quality of his. My mother is the cool one despite having lived with my father for 44 years now.

Well, my chitti advised me very strongly that I should do what I am capable of to my heart’s content and then go ahead and keep myself happy. She explained to me about how there was no end to people’s expectations and if we start living up to that then we would never find time to live for ourselves. How profound! I started realizing something else now. I got my messages at the right times in my life especially when I was seeking them. The QUEST is important.

Someone asked me the other day, ‘you have answers to so many questions. What about the sufferings we have? Do you have an explanation for these?’

I did not have it then. But now I do. We have both sufferings and happiness in our lives. We always feel that the one is all encompassing and the second is fleeting. This is a trick of the mind.

When we suffer, we feel it very deeply. When we are happy, we run through it so fast. ‘So what? Happy times do fly by.” Very true! But as I mentioned earlier, stop wallowing in the past. But of course, that is just ‘yetu suraikkai’. How can we do that? We keep running through our past. When we do that, do we keep reliving our happy moments? Some of us do, but many of us keep recalling the pain and keep at it.

The result, you keep repeatedly getting what you are visualizing. Keep visualizing your happy moments and thank the Lord for this and see what it makes of your life. I will not tell you. You DO it.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Celebrating Pillaiyar Chathurthi with Kozakkattais

OLD DIARY: From 1996 to January 2003

 I am just trying to put forth my experiences in writing. I hope I am able to get the message across right for what it is.

I have always believed in God. I was born into a Hindu Brahmin family and grew up in Chennai. My family is quite religious and follows most of the rituals quite conscientiously.

My nature has always been to question each and everything, earning the wrath of all the elders. They were all quite convinced that an elder’s words are to be considered the ‘oracle’. I rebelled most of the time, either verbally or silently with a quite strong body language. That was the reason I was not quite the favourite amongst the family elders. That is quite a number since my grandfather had many brothers and sisters and so had my grandmother. Even my great grandfather on my thatha’s side and my great grandparents on my paatti’s side were alive then and I managed to gain their disapproval too.

I never went so far as to not follow the systems - just questioned them, all the time much to the irritation of everyone. Only my mother never considered this strange. She used to answer me whenever she could and let go the other times, allowing me to form my own opinions.

Today, I am 41 and have a fairly contented life. One thing I have learnt about myself is that I never regretted my past. ‘I never cry over spilt milk’ to put it in a nutshell. I have realized today that life is meant to be lived, second by second, not worrying about the future and most definitely not regretting the past.  Life is a gift to be lived in the ‘present’.

Well, the journey has not always been smooth
 I always objected to formal prayer. I had to ask ‘why’? Sentences and sayings were quoted to me from the various scriptures, which are considered very important to our religion, not to much avail. I was quite rigid in my own way, preferring to form my own beliefs rather than take someone else’s word. This rankled with many since the aged always thought they knew better.

My pet theory was on ‘periods’. I hated that we were not allowed to join in prayer sessions when we had our periods - not that I had showed extreme enthusiasm when I did not have them, but then I felt that the decision had to be mine and not someone else’s. ‘Periods’ are the very basis of procreation and how could any God say that he did not want to meet ladies who had their periods? This sounded quite ridiculous to me. My one other question was that our scriptures very clearly state that God is everywhere. Then where do you think we sorry females could hide during those days?

Anyway, the same elders had no answers to my questions and hence had nothing convincing to tell me. They were very clear about right and wrong and the dos and don’ts. When asked ‘why?’ they just seemed to go to pieces or rather were ready to tear me to pieces.

         I took matter into my hands when I set up my own residence. I always garland the pictures of Gods in my home and light the lamp during all days of the month.

Then came another problem. The formal poojas, where the onus was on the different dishes to be prepared and very sadly, I felt, was not on God. My father-in-law used to drive me crazy listing the various items to be prepared. The saddest part was when he used to complain that I spent lavishly when the provision bill turned up at the end of the month.

The logic behind this, as I see it, is that in the olden days, the families were big and so any number of items prepared would never go waste for one thing. For another, there were many people who were ready to pitch in doing the work.

Today, although the quantity may be less, some people expect the same types of items, all made in one day and probably thrown away for lack of people to eat them all. I would call it a damn bloody waste. In case we are of the mind to feed the poor we can do that with wholesome rice and dhal rather than these fancy items. We will be better appreciated, I am sure.

By the time I finished everything on Pillaiyaar Chaturthi, I used to be a nervous wreck and had I had time to think about Ganapathy? Absolutely not! I wondered at the purpose of the whole thing. In yonder days, they probably thought of making kozhukattais (modaks) since handling rice flour is an art by itself and then shaping them into kozhukattais was another thing altogether. The ladies used to sit around and make 108 of these while the men did the pooja. [Ladies were not considered fit to perform poojas]. While at this, the ladies used to mutter their prayers and heavy concentration was required to mould this item. This probably kept their mind on Ganapathy. Anyway, this was the most logical explanation - given by my chitti, Revathi - which I could accept.

In all these rituals, how much time do we actually spend thinking about our Creator? And after all, is that not the reason why we celebrate these festivals? Questions, questions – my mind drove me up the wall.

Festivals are a time of joy – to whom? The poor who cannot afford new clothes or crackers or sweets during Diwali? Or the middleclass father who had to stretch his finances to bring a smile to his wife and children’s faces? Or the rich people who spend money obscenely to make ten types of sweets and buy twenty sets of silk clothes and run from one party to another? [Please understand that I have nothing against the rich here. It is just an observation of what is happening]. Do we get to think of our Creator for at least a short while on these days?

Why the compulsion? Why the stress? And as everyone knows, there is no end to the number of Hindu festivals. For me they started turning out to be nightmares, since it became a compulsion that I had to keep cooking and cooking. To the point where I started hating cooking while there was a time when I used to enjoy it.

What was the result? The moment my father-in-law passed away, I felt such a sense of freedom and was quite happy not to celebrate festivals for a year.

Next is this ‘Divasam’ [rituals performed for the dead]. Another terror for me! My father-in-law’s parents’ death ceremony in which my mother-in-law refused to participate. I used to find this strange because the situation at my mother’s place was quite different.

Now, so many years later, I could appreciate my MIL’s attitude. If I could not take my FIL’s pressures for a few years, I am sure they must have saturated her during her lifetime.

Again the pressure was on me. I had to handle the purohits and the kitchen, etc. God, how I hated it! But believe me, there is someone up there watching the whole thing and He most definitely allows us to have just the life we ask for, whether consciously or unconsciously.

I willed myself away from these rituals and I live my life the way I want it.  I can just hear someone screaming that I will never acquire moksham not performing the yearly ceremonies for my FIL and MIL. Believe me, we have to go back to God since there is nowhere else to go after death, whatever we do in this life. Then what about those people who don’t look after their parents when they are alive? Nothing will happen to them either. They just have to be aware of what they are and accept themselves for what they are – WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


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Ascension or Awakening is a raise in the consciousness levels of Human Beings as well as The Earth. There are references to this in Hinduism, the Mayan Calendar, The Bible and more. You will find a lot of information around the internet on this matter.

Things are coming to a conclusion this year – 2012. While many predict Doom and Gloom for the End Times, I – like millions around the world – believe that the times are changing for the better. We are moving from the Iron Age to the GOLDEN AGE.

While everything is coming to a head this year, the momentum had begun since 1989 and people have been sensing the change in energies since then.

I was introduced to this idea through my friend – I would call her my Messiah – Anu (Anuradha Chandrasekhar), who told me about Amma Bhagavan, who have come down to earth to ring in the Golden Age. Amma and Bhagavan of Oneness University are avatars for enlightenment.

I have been drawn deeply into spirituality since 1996. In this blog, I will be sharing a number of my experiences since then. Sri Bhagavan says, “If you would realize that My Grace also comes to you as coincidences, then your love shall increase and the coincidences would become miracles”.

Well, what to say! I have realized that God’s grace comes to me as coincidences, My Love for Him has increased to overflowing and my life is now swept by miracles galore……….

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