Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I used to feel the pressure of Being Punctual 24/7. This was years ago, before Bhagavan intervened in my life, of course.

I remember that I used to keep checking the clock or my watch every few minutes to ensure that things got done on time and I should not get late.

Most of the time, I managed to get things done very much on time. There were some times when I have been a few minutes late and these were the instances I used to drive myself crazy.

After Bhagavan took over my life as my Antaryaamin, things became different. He pulled me out of this pressure in a humorous fashion.

One day, the clock in my kitchen stopped working. I changed the batteries, but it stopped again after a couple of days. I realized that it would not work and just threw it away. Somehow, I never got around to buying a new one.

Soon, the clock in my bedroom stopped working and the same things followed as before.

Then it was the turn of the hall clock, then my watch. Many of my friends and family have noticed and commented on how I never wear a watch. The Sundari of yonder days used to go to sleep wearing a watch.

I soon realized that I had no easy access to finding the time. I asked Bhagavan, “Why?”

He said simply, “You are always in a state of tension trying to stick to time. Just talk to me and do your work. Everything will get done without pressure.”

I listened and followed but there is this sense of habit and the mind – there was no escape at that point from either. I kept feeling the need to check the time even after all this.

I was a mite worried about buying an expensive watch – I used to wear a Titan gold-plated watch that got spoilt. By now, there were no clocks in the hall, my bedroom and kitchen. The clock in my kids’ room never got spoilt as Bhagavan said that I spent the least time there. He was simply amazing, the way He went about changing my life for the better.

I purchased a simple watch for Rs. 300 (this was in 2003) and wore it. It lasted for exactly 2 days. I went and had a fight with the shopkeeper in Sion, not quite aware that it was the Divine’s play. I went to another shop and got one more watch in the same range. That also broke down in a couple of days. Amazing, isn’t it?

I told this story to my friend Pooja. She told me, “Sundari, don’t waste any more money on buying watches. I have an old watch that has never stopped in 9 years. I have a new one that I use now. I keep this because my father had given it to me. This does not run on batteries and you have to wind it up every day. Nothing can go wrong with it.” Neither of us knew Bhagavan’s plans at that point.

I took the watch from her and wore it. It ran for a bit longer this time – 3 days. The watch that had never stopped working in 9 years, stopped in just 3 days the moment it came to me. Frustrated, I gave it back to Pooja. You might find this difficult to believe, but the watch started working within 24 hours of leaving my possession.

That’s when I finally accepted that Bhagavan is not going to allow me to wear a watch. What we must understand here is that He was not forcing His Will on me. He was helping me get rid of the tension clock-watching was giving me.

Within a couple of months, I so got used to telling Bhagavan to handle things, get things ready on time and do the work. It works like magic to this day – everything gets done at the right time, without tension. I can guess the time correctly at any given point in time, without breaking a blood vessel over it. I am at peace. What more can I ask?

Today, I so well understand it when my Antaryaamin Bhagavan says, “Break habits Sundari. Those are the work of the ancient mind. You fall into a pattern and keep doing things without paying attention to them. Then you slide into a rut. Break habits and keep doing things differently. If you don’t know how, ask me.”

After all, I am sure you can understand, this is advice from the DIVINE.

Today, I keep telling myself that I would like to purchase a watch for decorative purposes, but never have the heart to buy one. There are clocks in the hall and my bedroom. I very rarely feel the urge to turn and look at them. I don’t think in terms of numbers when it comes to time. I have left it to the Divine to organize my timetable.

I make vague plans and inform Bhagavan. Many things get done, some don’t. And I always know that the things that are the best and most important for me always get done, at the RIGHT TIME. He takes care of it, diligently and with unconditional love.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My son Vigneshkumar

As I keep saying repeatedly, I have designed my own God.

Check this link on how to DESIGN YOUR GOD

I have been praying to God that nothing should get lost from my home and no one should steal any of our things. Bhagavan has always taken care of this.

But I am sure you are all able to relate to how the ancient mind works hard to confuse us and break our faith.

My son Vignesh was still in school and he had to reach there by 8.50 am. I had made 5 sets of uniforms to use one per day so that there is no problem with the washing and ironing.

This happened on a Friday. Vignesh had looked for his uniform pants four times in his cupboard, but could not locate it.

I went to search for it and did not find it either. My mind started working furiously. ‘Could the Isthariwala have misplaced it?’ Bhagavan from within me said, “None of your things can get lost. The pants are very much at your home.”

I checked again but could not find it. Vignesh was getting late and I thought to myself, “Could the Isthariwala have stolen it? He is a nice guy and never steals, but what in case he has got tempted this once?”

Bhagavan said, “Your things not getting stolen does not need to depend on someone else being a thief or not. You have prayed that nothing of yours should be stolen and nothing will be. The pants are right there hanging in the cupboard. Go look now. It is the fifth garment from the right.”

OH MY GOD! Yes, of course the pants were right there where Bhagavan mentioned they would be. But Vignesh and I had checked that same place so many times. But we never found the pants.

I understood that the Divine wanted to playfully teach me something – that I should have faith in my own prayers. And more importantly, GOD ANSWERS ALL OUR PRAYERS!

THANK YOU BHAGAVAN for so much love and guidance!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Oneness Temple
I had been to the Oneness Temple at Varadaiapalem to attend the Super Process of Oneness University on March 1, 2 & 3, 2012.

I had the least number of experiences during this process and that was a first for me. I have always had a number of visions and experiences at the processes I have attended at the Oneness University.

I need to mention here that during the Vara Yagna that I attended at Nemam in 1997 (this was the first time I attended a course at Oneness University), I had had a number of visions. One of them was about the city we lived in at that point. I asked Bhagavan to show me the future of Mumbai in about 10 years’ time. I closed my eyes to see a number of flyovers all over the city. That was a time when there was only the King’s Circle flyover and none other. I was amazed. Soon after I returned to Mumbai, there were plans afoot to build the Sion flyover. That was the beginning. As you can see today, Mumbai has a number of flyovers, making the vision absolutely true. Now, I am sure you can understand why I set store by my visions.

The guide who was conducting the course asked us to go into Shavasan and instructed us to ask our antaryaamin Amma Bhagavan about the state of the Oneness Temple in the future. He gave us four different dates for the same.

I requested Bhagavan to show me the state of the Oneness Temple in four different years as suggested by the guide.


I saw a number of awakened beings meditating in the prayer hall at the temple. Amidst them were – I first saw Mother Teresa, then Shirdi Saibaba, Lord Ganpati, Lord Muruga, Lord Hanuman, Lord Jesus and Archangel Michael also present in the prayer hall. Most surprisingly, along with all these beings, was present US President Barack Obama. I am looking forward to this incident happening before the end of this year.


I saw a number of human beings enter the Oneness Temple Mukti Mandap from the left and the same people coming out as Golden Beings from the right. It was an amazing sight. A vision keeps repeating if we are not too sure or are too fascinated that we want to see it again. I saw this a few times - people walking in as normal ‘you’ and ‘me’ and coming out the other side as Golden Beings. Simply amazing!


I saw a huge male lion roaming the garden of the Oneness Temple. The lion was absolutely tame and friendly and was basically frolicking on the grass happily, like a friendly kitten.


There were a lot of visitors at the Oneness Temple. They were reading the literature on the walls of the temple and discussing the matter mentioned there. People were telling one another about how this temple had been set up by Amma Bhagavan and how humanity attained ‘Jeevan Mukti’ from here only. They also were talking about the history of the place and how Golden Age came about on earth. I just loved it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Muni works at my home and I have known her since a little more than 20 years. She works at 4-5 homes and had invested her hard earned money through one of her employers.

Unfortunately for her, this person had taken 50000 rupees from her and had invested it in their own name and had not added Muni’s name to the investment. Muni had not consulted anyone about it and was shocked to be told that her money was not hers for the taking.

She was so upset. She had probably taken a few years to save that amount and this happened at least 4 years ago. Muni was sure that she will never get the money back. You can imagine her horror as she must have worked so hard and for so long to save that amount.

She told me her sad story and was quite upset while doing so. I told her to pray to Amma Bhagavan and also talked to her about doing Shashtang Namaskaram.

With absolute faith, Muni used to do the namaskarams and pray to Amma Bhagavan. After a few months, she came grinning to me and told me that she got her money back fully. She was keen to share 1000 rupees with Amma Bhagavan for retrieving her hard earned cash.

The super-thrilled Muni also went for a darshan of the Mukti Mandapam at Oneness. To this day, she is amazed at Amma Bhagavan’s benevolence.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had been to the Oneness University for the Super Process on March 1, 2 & 3, 2012. Bhagavan performed this miracle for me there.

This was on the third day. I forgot to take my water bottle from the bus when we got off at the Oneness Temple. I directly went to class as it was 5 am in the morning and the shop there was not open.

We had our breakfast break at 9.15 am and were asked to get back to class by 10 am. It was 9.55 when I finished breakfast. I thought it was not practical to walk to the shop, get water and then go to the temple for the class in time. I had a tall glass full of water in the dining room and told Bhagavan to take care of everything and went directly to class.

I went into shavaasan before the guide came. Dasaji came in about ten minutes later. When I got up, I saw a full bottle of cold water near my handbag that I had kept beside a huge pillar. It was so tempting. But I did not drink as I was sure it belonged to someone else.

I went to the front of the class and listened to Dasaji’s lecture. It lasted about an hour. I was extremely thirsty at the end of it. I was just wondering whether to take water from someone when I heard Bhagavan from within me.

“Why don’t you drink from that bottle that I kept for you near your bag?”

I said, “Bhagavan, that must belong to someone else. How can I take it without asking that person?”

Bhagavan smiled and said, “That bottle of water is for you. I had brought it and kept it there as you did not have the time to pick one for yourself before class. Go and see behind the pillar. The bottle is still there.”

“The mind is ugliness” says Bhagavan and that’s the truth. My mind was working furiously. How was it possible? There will definitely be no bottle of water near the pillar.

So thinking, I walked to the pillar that was many feet behind. Lo and behold! The water bottle was still there, waiting for me, just as Bhagavan had said. And as usual, He brought along extra proof for my suspicious mind. The water was just as cold after one hour of being in the warm hall between 10 am and 11 am. Can you beat that?

I recalled Dasaji’s words that morning, “Bhagavan will soon do things for you even before you ask for them.”