Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My son Vigneshkumar

As I keep saying repeatedly, I have designed my own God.

Check this link on how to DESIGN YOUR GOD

I have been praying to God that nothing should get lost from my home and no one should steal any of our things. Bhagavan has always taken care of this.

But I am sure you are all able to relate to how the ancient mind works hard to confuse us and break our faith.

My son Vignesh was still in school and he had to reach there by 8.50 am. I had made 5 sets of uniforms to use one per day so that there is no problem with the washing and ironing.

This happened on a Friday. Vignesh had looked for his uniform pants four times in his cupboard, but could not locate it.

I went to search for it and did not find it either. My mind started working furiously. ‘Could the Isthariwala have misplaced it?’ Bhagavan from within me said, “None of your things can get lost. The pants are very much at your home.”

I checked again but could not find it. Vignesh was getting late and I thought to myself, “Could the Isthariwala have stolen it? He is a nice guy and never steals, but what in case he has got tempted this once?”

Bhagavan said, “Your things not getting stolen does not need to depend on someone else being a thief or not. You have prayed that nothing of yours should be stolen and nothing will be. The pants are right there hanging in the cupboard. Go look now. It is the fifth garment from the right.”

OH MY GOD! Yes, of course the pants were right there where Bhagavan mentioned they would be. But Vignesh and I had checked that same place so many times. But we never found the pants.

I understood that the Divine wanted to playfully teach me something – that I should have faith in my own prayers. And more importantly, GOD ANSWERS ALL OUR PRAYERS!

THANK YOU BHAGAVAN for so much love and guidance!

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