Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Monday, January 23, 2012


The eyes I saw in my vision

OLD DIARIES: Continued……

Only during my conversation I told Bhagavan very clearly that He should not come in front of me since I was bound to be scared. The visions themselves were quite fascinating. God led my astral body into the Sun and I felt the coolness there. There were many more until I was finally convinced that they were visions and not figments of my imagination.

Later, I had a vision of Tirupathi Balaji dancing on the seashore. He was totally dark with pink soles on his feet and danced among the gentle waves.

I came home after this yagna of three days and was lying down since I was too tired and had had very less sleep. Suddenly I saw two very mischievous eyes behind a wall, golden brown in colour. They were staring at me. I could see just the forehead and eyes and an orange turban. I was communicating not with words but by thought waves. I asked the eyes, “Why are you hiding behind the wall?”

He replied, “You were very clear that I should not come in your presence, that you would get scared.”
I said, “That’s okay, do come.”

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He came forward and I invited him to sit on a chair beside me. I had seen Kalki Baghavan’s Srimurti during the classes. I had felt one very strong feeling. That he was standing throughout and his legs should be hurting. [At Kalki Mandir they teach you to relate to God as an alive being and not someone remote].

I automatically presumed that the figure in front of me was Kalki Baghavan. The eyes were the very same although the attire was slightly different.

So I made him sit down and pressed his legs with great love since that had been my predominant thought during the classes.

He asked me what I wanted. I requested him to bless my father who is the pivot my family runs on. He raised his right palm in the posture of blessing. A shining golden light rose from it and rode all the way to the hall where my father was sitting and reciting a shloka in front of the puja alamari. I heard my father reciting the shloka very loudly. The strange thing about this is that I have never heard my father praying, only my thatha, patti and sometimes my mother. The golden light covered my father who was sitting on the floor.

I woke up with a start and suddenly heard my father uttering a shloka loudly. I ran into the hall and lo and behold! He was sitting in exactly the same posture he had been in my vision. I was not even awfully surprised. I just thanked God since he had blessed my father with a golden light, no less.

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