Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Pic Courtesy: as within. Thank you Nilima for sharing this one on FB
Thoughts and words are powerful in creating our future. Visualisation is an even more powerful creator. The Universe responds to the emotions we project into it.

The principle of Parabrahmam is the same. The Parabrahmam responds to our feelings. You feel abundant; you get more abundance. You feel healthy; your health improves tremendously, so on and so forth.

But the mind attaches itself to the present state – of pain, of lack and the like. How to turn around your mind? It’s not easy. But then again, it’s not impossible. A very effective tool to turn around the mind to positivity is “gratitude”. Gratitude can be used in two ways.

1. Thank God everyday for what all you have. I even thank God if I am hurt; if I have a fever; if there had been an argument or fight at home. This is projecting to the universe that everything that comes my way is the “best” that can happen to me at a given point in time. Of course, I thank for these along with all great things too – like my family, my pet, my home, daily sales of my books, increase in the hits of my blogs; the food I eat, the AC that I have on for so many hours at home, my PC, my cell phone... you get the drift. This is showing thankfulness for things that you already have; telling God that all that He is giving you is only for your best.

2. Thank God for all those things that you want to happen to you. This is creating your future. You don’t ask for what you want. You “thank” for what you want, taking it for granted that it is going to happen.

Doing “1” will make “2” easier to materialise. I started maintain a Gratitude Journal from December 2013. I think most of my friends know how my life as an author has turned around from 2014 – in leaps and bounds. I had self-published 4 books (3 novels & 1 anthology) in 2014, on Amazon.

The Book Club happened to me. It was as if Rubina Ramesh had created it exclusively for me. I mean no offence to the other authors who are being promoted on this platform. But TBC has worked wonders for my book sales. I am absolutely grateful to The Book Club, Rubina and a host of bloggers and authors who come together to review my work, interview me and host me on their blogs. A mammoth effort that appears effortless but it’s definitely not so.

Every time I think it’s fabulous and I am having the best time of my life, it gets better. Like 2015 has brought to me a traditional publisher – Readomania – who’s keen to publish my book; I have my own website: I have Nilima Mohite to thank for this one.

A-Z April Challenge 2015 was another fabulous venture that brought me a lot of friends online. It also challenged me to write a different genre of short stories altogether. For this, I have to thank Rubina again as it was she who introduced me to writing mythological fiction. I also thank the A-Z Challenge team. It was a truly enlightening experience while being absolute fun.

All this while, Bhagavan had been training my mind, I realise - to remove its focus from negativity towards positivity. It’s not that negative thoughts don’t occur. We are still moving through 4th Dimension and negative thoughts are still present, though weaker. What happens is that with constant awareness, I know the moment a negative thought enters my mind and am able to pull myself out of it, before it takes form in my outer world.

Visualisation goes a long way in helping my cause here. Amma advised me to download pictures from the internet or scan copies of photos from the family album – like I weighed 30 kg less a few decades ago. Seeing an old picture of mine and holding it in front of me for a few minutes every day will go a long way in pushing me towards losing weight.

May 20 has been declared as World Oneness Day by Amma Bhagavan. May 20, 2015: the energies have changed tremendously. We have reached a point in our evolution when our powerful thoughts and visualisations project immediately. We are creating as we think. Forget about having negative thoughts. Train yourself to create exactly what you want. The clearer and more colourful your visualisation, the faster it becomes your reality.

Yes, it’s already happening in my life. And I am sure in all our lives. I am noticing it in the smallest of things. I will be writing more articles on the miracles that are happening in my life.

And when you thank again and again – God gives you even more than what you ask. Because He knows what we need way better than we know ourselves. AND He gives only wonderful things. Forget the punishing God – She doesn’t exist.


  1. Gratitude and the art of giving thanks remains the key... great post. Glad I landed here :)