Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Friday, October 17, 2014


Lord Muruga
This happened yesterday and I felt the need to share this experience with all of my readers. My daughter Vinny sprained her right ankle very badly and it was when we went to the Orthopaedic in Khar that we came to know that she has a tiny fracture as well as a ligament tear. She couldn’t place her right foot down anyway and keeps hopping when she needs to move. 

We live in Sion and people living in Mumbai know that Auto-rickshaws ply only in certain parts of the city. They come right up to the end of the road where my building is situated. We need to walk about 100 metres to reach our building. It was around 6.30 when we left Bandra and unable to find a cab, we took an auto-rickshaw – Vinny, her fiancé and me. 

I prayed to Lord Muruga that somehow the auto-rickshaw should be taken to the building’s gate so that Vinny doesn’t have trouble hopping those 100 m inside the road. 

When praying to God, it’s best not to bother about the logistics. That’s for the Supreme Intelligence to deal with. I just go into surrender and gratitude and ask for what I want. And get exactly that. How the Divine goes about it is again just not our business. We just need to sit back and enjoy the ride; which is what I did yesterday.

The moment the auto-rickshawala reached the highway on the opposite side to where my road ends, he refused to go further saying that only a week ago he had been fined Rs. 1200 and he didn’t want to undergo a similar experience once again. Vinny got irritated as she already was in pain. Her fiancé was at his persuasive best to make the rickshawala take his vehicle across as crossing the road is next to impossible in the evenings and taking the subway was out of question.

I suddenly saw God’s hand in the situation. Of course, that was also because of His blessing only. I told the driver, “You please take us across the road and drop the other two as my daughter is unable to walk. I will return with you to the same side of the road after taking a U-turn and get off this side. This is to ensure that you don’t land in trouble. If a cop questions, I will be in your vehicle and I will pay the requisite fine.” He immediately agreed and would have probably driven us to even Timbaktoo at that point.  

For the first time in 30 years (since I got married and came to live in Sion), an auto entered my road in broad daylight as the driver took it down the road, right inside my building gate to drop Vinny and her fiancé outside the building entrance. I went along in the auto, supremely confident that no cop will catch us. Believe me, there were four of them standing right outside the fish market on the highway. But then, Lord Muruga was protecting me and my family. We took a U-turn, I got off near the subway, paid the driver and walked back home. As cool as that!

What to say about Lord Muruga’s miracle! Just THANK YOU My Lord! You are the Supreme Best!