Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Thursday, April 5, 2012


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This is one more experience given by my Antaryaamin. One day, as I was coming home from my evening walk, Bhagavan told me to go back home and go into Shavaasan before the Srimurti.

I did that and within a few minutes, I felt Bhagavan’s presence near my head. He raised his hands in a blessing and I could see circular lights of energy running from my feet, rising up to my body and reaching my head.

This happened many times and Bhagavan explained that he was energizing me. He also told me that energy travelled from the feet to the head. I had not been aware of this but later got to know about this from someone. As usual, Bhagavan followed up his talk within me with proof.

After this process was over, I saw my heart glow – green gold in colour. It looked so beautiful and I was so fascinated. Bhagavan explained that it was my heart chakra that was glowing.

Suddenly, my heart opened and I saw bright gold within. I blinked mentally and saw it again and again - the green gold heart opening like a jewel box and the golden glow within it.

Just as I wondered what it was, I heard Amma saying, “That’s me Sundari. I am the gold that you see encased in your heart.” I was truly amazed and thrilled to hear that. It felt so great having Amma tell me that She lived within my heart.

Many months later, when I visited my friend Anu in Ahmedabad, I shared this experience with her. Anuradha Chandrashekhar is my childhood friend and she is the one who introduced me to Amma Bhagavan. Anu asked me, “Sundari, have you heard of the jyothi (light) that resides within our hearts?” I said, “No, I have not heard of that.”

She replied, “That’s what Amma Bhagavan had been showing you in that vision.” Proof is what the mind seeks in this world and proof is what my Amma Bhagavan keep sending me, every time.

To this day, I keep seeing this vision in my inner eye and I can’t help feeling thrilled about it.


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