Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Thursday, February 23, 2012


In the earlier blog, I told you how Amma guided me to get a job with Mumbai Mirror. Click here to read that one. I have to mention the interview that I attended before I got the job and Bhagavan’s hand in it.

I went to the TOI office on a Tuesday for the interview. I went upstairs to the third floor where the HR department was situated and waited along with a few others.

My turn came in a short while and Sagorika met me. I gave her my name and sat down. She asked me what I had come for. I told her that she had called me for an interview and that’s why I was there. She looked at me up and down and asked, “Do you have a copy of your biodata? I don’t remember calling you.”

I was rather startled. I need to mention here that the HR department at TOI is quite efficient and I don’t really know how I got a call for the interview from Sagorika and she could not recall the incident. It did make me wonder whether Bhagavan had something to do with it.

I gave her the neat copy that I was carrying with me. She went through it, asked someone to give me a test and asked a few more questions and told me to wait. After half an hour, Sagorika confirmed that I had a job with Mumbai Mirror as the Copy Editor of the Listings pages. I was zapped, to put it mildly.

I went and met the features editor and then the editor of Mirror. Everything sailed through.

I had left my last job at the school before five years and my final salary had been Rs. 7,000. I had no clue what newspapers paid for jobs like mine. I asked Bhagavan what the right amount would be.

I could feel Bhagavan at my shoulder as he whispered to me, “Ask for Rs. 20,000”.

I am sure you can imagine my shock. I was 44 years old, a B.Com, with just three years of work experience in a school administration. Why would they pay me so much? Even today, I am surprised how they took a commerce graduate in. I did very well in my job is all thanks to Bhagavan, of course.

I argued with Bhagavan throughout the time I waited. That was for about 20 minutes. I told him that even Rs. 10,000 would be too much. What if they told me that I was asking too much and did not give me the job? My self-confidence was not at its best.

Bhagavan, as usual, was very insistent and told me that I should not accept a rupee less than Rs. 20,000.

The argument was not over when I was back at Sagorika’s desk to discuss money. She asked me what I expected. I was scared of opening my mouth while Bhagavan continued to whisper the amount in my ear.

I told Sagorika, “I have been out of the job market for a while and schools are not great paymasters. Can you tell me what you are ready to pay?”

My first surprise came when she told me, “Rs. 15,000” and wrote it on the paper she was writing my details on.

Bhagavan said, “Ask for Rs. 20,000, she will agree. Don’t accept Rs. 15,000”.

It was true that it was God giving me the advice. But I was too scared and my heart was beating too hard within me.

Bhagavan would just not let me agree to what Sagorika was offering. I told her softly, “The timings are also strange as you want me to come in at 12 noon and work till 8 pm. Can you make that Rs. 20,000?”

Sagorika did not open her mouth. She took her pen, struck the amount that she had written originally and wrote Rs. 20,000 immediately.

Sagorika’s parting shot was, “So, you are joining the day-after-tomorrow, right? Please don’t ditch us. The features editor is desperate for an assistant.”

How do you like that?


Ananta Kodi Pranam to my DEAR AMMA BHAGAVAN!


  1. U R really blessed Sundariji to have the LORD to guide you all the time.Next time pl give him my address.

    1. Sudhaji,

      You are absolutely right. I am totally blessed :)
      But then, so are you. Bhagavan is also guiding you, I am sure. He already knows your address :D

  2. Namaste Sundari Venkatraman Ji.Our hearts get filled with lots of love to Sri Amma Bhagavan when we hear or read such stories where Sri AmmaBhagavan Flow their Divine Grace in lives of their Dearest Bhaktas. In our childhood we heard such stories in Pooranas and during the Lord Vithal in the lives of seekers like Sant Sakhu, Sant Janabai in Maharashtra during the last 5oo yrs back. Now the Divine is present in every heart of the Seekers. Thanks for sharing and helped us in adding one more.... "life with Bhagavan".

  3. I have heard this from you personally. From the day i heard i have been passing this experience to many to remove their mental blocks. So nice that you are putting everything in writing. God bless u.

    1. Thank you Anu! I have to thank you foremost for bringing Bhagavan into my life and helping me discover Him within me :D