Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Oneness Temple
I had been to the Oneness Temple at Varadaiapalem to attend the Super Process of Oneness University on March 1, 2 & 3, 2012.

I had the least number of experiences during this process and that was a first for me. I have always had a number of visions and experiences at the processes I have attended at the Oneness University.

I need to mention here that during the Vara Yagna that I attended at Nemam in 1997 (this was the first time I attended a course at Oneness University), I had had a number of visions. One of them was about the city we lived in at that point. I asked Bhagavan to show me the future of Mumbai in about 10 years’ time. I closed my eyes to see a number of flyovers all over the city. That was a time when there was only the King’s Circle flyover and none other. I was amazed. Soon after I returned to Mumbai, there were plans afoot to build the Sion flyover. That was the beginning. As you can see today, Mumbai has a number of flyovers, making the vision absolutely true. Now, I am sure you can understand why I set store by my visions.

The guide who was conducting the course asked us to go into Shavasan and instructed us to ask our antaryaamin Amma Bhagavan about the state of the Oneness Temple in the future. He gave us four different dates for the same.

I requested Bhagavan to show me the state of the Oneness Temple in four different years as suggested by the guide.


I saw a number of awakened beings meditating in the prayer hall at the temple. Amidst them were – I first saw Mother Teresa, then Shirdi Saibaba, Lord Ganpati, Lord Muruga, Lord Hanuman, Lord Jesus and Archangel Michael also present in the prayer hall. Most surprisingly, along with all these beings, was present US President Barack Obama. I am looking forward to this incident happening before the end of this year.


I saw a number of human beings enter the Oneness Temple Mukti Mandap from the left and the same people coming out as Golden Beings from the right. It was an amazing sight. A vision keeps repeating if we are not too sure or are too fascinated that we want to see it again. I saw this a few times - people walking in as normal ‘you’ and ‘me’ and coming out the other side as Golden Beings. Simply amazing!


I saw a huge male lion roaming the garden of the Oneness Temple. The lion was absolutely tame and friendly and was basically frolicking on the grass happily, like a friendly kitten.


There were a lot of visitors at the Oneness Temple. They were reading the literature on the walls of the temple and discussing the matter mentioned there. People were telling one another about how this temple had been set up by Amma Bhagavan and how humanity attained ‘Jeevan Mukti’ from here only. They also were talking about the history of the place and how Golden Age came about on earth. I just loved it.