Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My mother & Me

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My mother Vijaya has always been active and works hard. She loves cooking the most and one thing she likes even better is feeding people.

Unfortunately, she fell badly ill and was hospitalized in November 2011 and could not even attend my nephew’s - her grandson’s - wedding immediately after. There were a number of complications – she is a diabetic, has high BP, a not-too-strong heart and a minor kidney problem. Added to all this, she fell prey to Dementia. The psychiatrist told us that she must have probably been struck with it since 2-3 years and Dementia generally shows up only after a few years. It was quite a shock to all of us as my Amma has always been guiding us throughout our lives. She and my father had been taking care of my 98-year-old grandfather until a couple of years ago.

At that point, I prayed to Bhagavan that I hoped that she stayed alive and could move into Sathyug as Vijaya but also prayed that if it is her soul choice then she should pass on. That’s when Bhagavan reassured me that my mother will live long enough to cross into Sathyug.

Over the past few months, while my mother could physically move about, her mental condition prevented her from doing so. She insisted on staying in bed. The doctors – a couple of them – had recommended a number of tablets that kept her in a dull condition. But there was not much we could do about it.

There were a number of consultants who had attended on her at Vijaya Hospital and every one of them was clear that only a miracle could get her out of Dementia. Dementia generally tends to get worse with the passing of time and can be arrested to some extent with medicines.

While my sisters who live there locally go there often to meet my mother, it was my father who stayed with my mother 24/7 along with the nurse on duty. I am sure he must have had the worst time of his life during this period.

A week ago, my mother suddenly felt breathless and my sister and father decided that it was best to take her to hospital and they called an ambulance. I was very upset when I heard this.

I had thought things were status quo and Bhagavan would soon cure my mother and things will be hunky dory, especially with December 21, 2012 around the corner. This sudden need for hospitalizing my mother was a shocker.

I asked Bhagavan, “Are you showing me signs that it is time for her to move on and telling me only now? Please give me guidance. I don’t even know what to pray for.”

Bhagavan said, “Your mother will be fine and it is not time for her to leave the earth. You are her daughter, you ask me for a miracle that she should be cured.”

I did that but got up at least six times in the middle of the night, worry eating into me. I kept feeling fear.

Come morning, I told Bhagavan, “My mind is going on putting me in the state of fear. I am very worried Bhagavan. You do say that my mother will recover, right?”

Bhagavan smiled and said, “Mind is fear. You had already told me that you were ready to allow your mother’s soul to take its course. So it is not as if you were not ready to accept reality. Despite that, the Divine has promised you that your mother will recover. Give me one reason why I should make such a promise to fool you? Of course your mother will be fine. You watch it, she will be discharged in 3 days and she will return home in a regular vehicle and not by ambulance.”

I drew a lot of strength from those words and kept on praying along with my sisters.

Now, God has promised and the miracle has to happen – and they did, many of them. The doctor was flummoxed with the erratic nature of my mother’s sugar levels and BP levels. They soon decided to stop giving her all the medicines prescribed by the psychiatrists. They kept her in the ICU and finally realized that she was suffering from Urinary Infection and nothing more. They suddenly decided to send her home directly from the ICU as it was not required for her to remain there any longer.

On Saturday, my sisters were amazed as my mother spoke to them so clearly. Even I got to talk to her on the phone. She was so clear and enquired about everyone at home. She spoke long about everyone – all relatives, neighbours and others. It was simply amazing how she suddenly became alright. Science has no explanation for this.

She returned home by a call taxi and is doing alright at home. There is a bit of weakness, but her clarity has not reduced one iota.




  1. Dear Sundari,
    It is indeed God's Grace & your steadfast faith & constant Prayers! Our dear Vijaya will soon be her old sprightly self!
    It is rightly said:--
    A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul.
    Dorai Thatha & Raji Chithi

    1. Dear Thatha & Chitti,
      Thank you for your blessings & prayers! :D