Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My published novel
I know the title sounds very strange, but then, that is the truth. I had just quit my admin job at the school I had been working at. I was in a limbo as I had got used to keeping busy and I did not much care for so much time on my hands. I was vaguely looking for a job, but did not like the few that came my way.

I had a lot of time to journey within myself. And that’s exactly what I did. I have always loved reading and did a lot of that too. In fact, you could call me quite the book worm.

But during this period, I was in a constant state of irritation and nothing seemed to interest me. Yeah, even my best friend – the book. I used to communicate a lot with God, even though my Antaryaamin was not fully awakened within me. I used to communicate with Amma Bhagavan of Oneness University as I had realized that they were Avatars after a few experiences during the courses that I attended there.

During one of my walks, I was so disturbed and upset that I went on nagging Bhagavan to show me a way. I was literally boiling inside, not knowing which way to go. I did not know how to get rid of my frustration and there was just too much energy within me, without a direction.

It was a few years later that Bhagavan told me from within, “Sambar or Rasam tastes much better when it is boiled well. So, when emotions boil within you, the result is way better than something that is born without internal effort.” My God, that is so true.

That evening, I returned home, suddenly picked up some papers and started writing my first novel. Yeah, out of the blue. This was some time in August 2000.

I had always been useless when it came to writing. I speak English very well, but have always been terrible at writing essays, composition or any such, in school as well as in college. Later on, when I used to help my kids with their studies, I could teach them all the subjects, even Maths and Science as high as Std. IX (ICSE), but I just could not help them with their essays. My husband used to step in at those moments.

That same person, that’s ME, started writing a novel. I wrote 18 pages on A4 size ruled sheets. Can you believe that? It was a wonder for me too.

I recalled this Tamil film that I had seen as a kid – Saraswathi Sabadham. In that, Sivaji Ganesan played the role of an illiterate who cannot speak. By Goddess Saraswathi’s blessings, he begins talking suddenly and even becomes learned in a jiffy. I sincerely believe that my writing skills were born on those lines.

Today, I have a published novel and have worked at Mumbai Mirror, Timesgroup, for 2 years. Later, for about 5 ½ years, I worked at two different websites belonging to the CNBC Group – &

I am a freelancer now and run five blogs, all singlehanded. All this is due to Amma Bhagavan’s grace.

My Blogs:

Flaming Sun – Varied articles consisting of Film Reviews, Food Reviews, Travel, Spirituality, Health and more.

Cupid Strike Series – This is a romance novel series blog, where I have published my novels.

Rising Sun – This is a photo blog where I post one picture every day with a few words about what the picture means to me.

Shimmering Sun – Short Story blog. I had published ten short stories on Flaming Sun and you will find the links for them here. I have two more published on this blog. Hope to add more soon.

Ascension Miracles – This is my latest offering. Actually, this should have been the first as everything began here. This is all about my real life experiences, my learning and more as my Level of Consciousness increases with the changing energies propelling the Earth towards THE GOLDEN AGE.

I can only say THANK YOU GOD!


  1. :) Wonderful Miracle, that turned your life around for the good. God bless you always ! Keep writing !

    All the best ! :)

  2. I enjoy your writing. in case i point out some gaps, it is only because i am selfish and want to enjoy your writing ALL THE MORE.

    GO ON................

    1. Thank you Anu! I am supremely confident of your support actually ;)
      Same as I am of Bhagavan and Amma's :D