Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sabitha - long ago and recently
This happened some time in 2003. My sister Sabitha had been wearing specs since her school days. My Antaryaamin had been communicating clearly within me and I had been getting a lot of messages and lessons since January 2003.

One day, during my evening walk, I could see Amma in front of me. She told me, “You are so keen on healing people, why don’t you give healing to your sister’s eyes?”

I asked Amma, “Sabi is living in Chennai. I am here at Mumbai. How can I give healing? I need to be near her and touch her when I do that.”

Amma smiled and said, “You can give her distant healing. In fact, do it just now, as you are walking.”

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what I did. I prayed for Sabitha’s eyesight.

It was around 5.30 pm when I gave distant healing to Sabitha’s eyes. At the same time, her specs fell down and broke to pieces. She had been watching a cricket match on TV at that time. She looked at the screen without her specs and was amazed to be able to read the score on the small screen.

Such was the miracle that Amma performed that day. Sabitha had been wearing specs since 1978 or so. After 25 years, her eyes got healed in a second due to Amma’s grace. Till today, Sabitha is able to work on the computer and also read without wearing spectacles.


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