Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As I have mentioned in a previous blog – Bhagavan in my kitchen - Bhagavan is a great help in my kitchen.

Today morning, He performed a miracle. Well, miracles have become a way of life with Him in my life. But I have to write about this one.

I had heated two litres of milk last night at about 8 pm. I was waiting for it to cool down before putting it in the fridge. While I went to sleep only at 12.30, I had forgotten about it completely.

In the morning, when I walked into the kitchen at 6.40 am, I was startled to see the milk vessel sitting there on my kitchen platform.

My daughter has to leave early to work and there was no one else up to go buy fresh milk. Of course, help is always at hand when you call out to the Almighty. I told God to please take care of the issue and after removing the cream, I reheated the milk in another vessel. From previous experience, I know the chances were high that the milk would be spoilt. But then Bhagavan is just waiting to perform miracles when we call out.

The milk was boiled and was in perfect condition, not having lost its freshness. My son is very sensitive to taste and even he felt there was nothing wrong with the milk. In fact he said that it tasted better than usual. I, of course, was not surprised to hear that.

Sri Bhagavan says that as the consciousness level increases, problems don’t necessarily cease. But the way we perceive them changes. I could see that change in myself all thanks to Sri Bhagavan’s guidance from within me.


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