Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam
Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

Saturday, May 26, 2012


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I had read a lot on the internet about the effects of the Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 on the environment, on the earth and on human beings. Click here to read more on this. A clean up of negative energies is happening around the planet to ring in The Golden Age on December 21, 2012.

The clearing up is being carried out by helpful Extra-terrestrials who have come down from other parts of our Universe to help the Earth and her inhabitants. In India, the ETs are called by another name – the 33 crore celestials (muppathu mukkodi devargal - முப்பத்து முக்கோடி தேவர்கள் in Hindu Scriptures). A rose by any other name will smell as sweet – Thank you Celestials, whoever you are.

Between the solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 and the Venus Transit on June 5-6, 2012, negativities will be completely removed from earth. This is what my Bhagavan told me in my Antaryaamin on May 21. I requested Bhagavan to show me proof of the clean up and forgot all about it.

As usual, the Divine never forgets. I usually go for my evening walk at around 7 pm. That particular evening I stepped out at 8 pm. I am not sure what prompted me to look up at the sky – it was a gorgeous shade of dark blue that I have never ever seen in Mumbai. Mumbai skies have been various shades of grey, especially after sunset, over the past 2 decades. I was simply amazed to see this lovely shade of violet-blue with wispy white clouds (also unseen) floating around. I called my husband, kids and my sister Lakshmi as I was totally excited.

Later, I spoke to a friend who lives in Kolkata and asked her to check the Kolkata skies too. Amazingly, she had also noticed the lovely change that had come about. Another friend in Mumbai had also noticed the transformation.

I have checked out the skies – both during the day and at night – and it has been consistently clean and a lovely shade of blue.

I am sure all of you should look up at the sky back home and see that it has changed forever. Yeah, we have put one foot into Sathyuga – already.


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